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So for our blog post today we thought we would do something a little different. We have been in Turkey for two days now and we have all formed some opinions and feelings about what we are seeing and learning about the country. We are on a four hour bus trip and we are circulating the computer around to all of the travelers, asking for their thoughts and opinions about Turkey.


Here is what they have to say:

• Turkey is great for self esteem. The men are great at flattery here. If you want to feel good about yourself come to Turkey! As I walked around I found I was being complimented left right and centre. Some of the compliments consisted of, “You are so beautiful.”; “You are Turkish no? I think you are Turkish you look like a Turkish Princess! You have the face of a beautiful Turkish woman.”; “How is it that you are so beautiful and kind?”; and the list goes on. The men don’t actually care about what you want or where you are going, they just want you to sit at their restaurant so all the male staff can come out and stare at you. They will offer you free tea just to get you to stay. Then if you bring friends back, they give you free drinks and only charge you for anything else you order. The key to this success has nothing to do with your physical looks but how you carry yourself. Be friendly, listen to what they have say, answer their questions and you won’t have to pay for a single drink. Oh, and if you’re really lucky… you might get a proposal. ;D

• So far during this trip, my eyes have been opened to many new experiences that have been hidden throughout my life. I personally found the city amazing and breath taking. Compared to other places that I have been to in the world, this so far is better.

• Turkey so far has been a very intriguing and busy place. So much action going on in the streets at all hours. We even saw a Soccer game at 12:30 am. Lots of historical places to visit. Had such a fun night at the restaurant just across the street from our QINN HOTEL. The charismatic owner Adem was so good at “customer service” and bringing people in off the street to eat at his restaurant, I think Jona is going to hire him as a guest speaker for her next Sales class. Right, Jona? lol :) D

• Turkey is an exceptionally clean country from what I have seen so far. I was out this morning at about 6:15 am and there were 4 people in front of our hotel sweeping the streets with their little brooms and dustpans. Along the drive to Gallipoli farmers are working in their fields and the locals are bustling about. The Turkish people have been very friendly and helpful.

• What a wonderful place to visit! The people are so pleasant and very enjoyable to interact with. The country side is amazing and Istanbul is very easy to get around. The culture here is very rich and there is so much to see and do. So many places to visit and so little time… I may have to come back!!!!

• I was never going to go on this trip, I am so happy that I changed my mind! Turkey has been everything I never expected, it’s fun and friendly. Clean and welcoming. The architecture has left me both breathless and most of all speechless. This has to be trip in my book of travel destinations. ~Melissa Johnson~

• Hello to everyone at home!! Turkey is a beautiful country! The people are amazing and friendly. We have seen a lot of things we would not see a lot of at home and some that is very similar to home. I wish we were staying for longer to be able to explore a bit more. The city of Istanbul has SO much to see, but we just don’t have enough time to see it all. I guess I will just have to come back some day. Our guide told me I should try to get a job here in the tourism industry. I think I would need a lot more training to match their 4 years of school! This is definitely the trip of a lifetime!! Missing everyone at home! And yes Sheldon, they have John Deere dealerships here (sorry, no picture…yet)!! *** Ashley Howard ***

• Fun, fantastic, friendly and flirty – but enough about the abundant stray cats of Istanbul. Nah, I’m kidding, the people are fabulous here too! At times it’s difficult to tell if we are in Turkey or Tuscany and then the terrain changes again to fields of yellow canola and green waving wheat so we could be back home. It’s beautiful and different and I’m excited to explore some more! (Jodi)

• For my first time traveling abroad, Turkey has been the perfect destination. It may not be the top place listed in most tourist books, but it has so much to offer and I still have so much left to see. The rich culture, beautiful architecture, delicious food, and friendly people have made this trip so far a success. I’m so glad to be here right now! – Andrea Warren

• The people here are really nice but some of those sales people can get quite pushy. All the people I have met thus far have been really helpful in that they help us to pronounce the words that we need. Although they seem to find our pronunciation amusing, I cannot imagine why. Everything has been amazing except for seeing so many stray dogs and cats. I look forward to the new experiences that lie ahead.

• The people here sometimes really need to make a sale so they will settle for pretty much the best price you give to them. If they are already famous and have made a good profit on what they are selling then they will probably not settle for less than the asking price. Some of the tactics that they will use are flattery and bargain for what they either knows about you or how much money they know you have. If you look like you have a lot of money then they will most certainly use their time on trying to get you to but their product. One of the most sincere methods that I saw someone trying to use to get money was a little boy sitting on the side of the road playing a little flute/keyboard and even though he couldn’t play it that well he still stayed there for 9 hours just playing away.

• `My first impressions on Turkey are just how friendly the people are, and how many people speak fairly fluent English. I thought that there would be more of a communication barrier between us and the locals however they all seem to know at least enough English to aid us along, and are all willing to teach us and correct us on our Turkish. The food here has been wonderfully different; we went for supper last night and had some of the most incredible pasta that I have ever had. It is also quite shocking to see how busy the main roads are, there is people walking up and down the streets dodging the cars, trolleys, and the motorcycles. I am excited to see how the other cities that we are going to visit will compare to Istanbul. –Kori

• Europe sure has some beautiful countries and Turkey is no exception. It is so exciting to visit somewhere new and to learn and experience the food and culture of another country. I am quite satisfied with going to church once a week, but praying five times a day may take some getting used to. I am so excited knowing that it is still early in our trip and that there is still so much else to see and do. I am most looking forward to the Grand Bazaar. I feel so lucky to be on this amazing adventure in Turkey and I look forward to the many exciting days to come. (Elizabeth)

• My first impression of Turkey hit me as we were leaving Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. Istanbul is a very fast paced city filled with history surrounded by the busy metropolitan life. Our drive to our first hotel the Q-Inn was definitely an experience to remember as even after midnight, the streets were still busy with cars inches away from our bus. The narrow streets had me doubtful of our drive but our excellent bus driver was able to weave his way through. Our guide, Omer, is always full of wonderful facts about Turkey’s culture and history. Our first day on the tour was not only filled with colourful sightseeing but also of experience in the Turkish way of life such as bartering for ice cream. The vendor was going to charge me 5 Liras but the local girls by the ice cream stand told me that it was only one lira. I told him that for that, he lost a sale, but he turned around and made a delightful show of serving me ice cream cone for 1 Lira =D. All in all, I can say that the busy life of Istanbul was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back and see more of Istanbul in a few days. But for now, we are off to the Marmara region of Turkey to enjoy the Turkish life outside of the metropolis. ~Kristine Lopez

• Hello from Turkey! This trip has been crazy interesting so far and quite a learning experience. The people here are so friendly – and pushy. But for the most part they are very nice! The bell boy when we arrived at the Q-Inn would literally grab our luggage out of our hands and take it into the hotel and up to our room. “Oh its fine, I got it” he mumbled something and grabbed it anyway; I don’t think he understood or just was so kind he wanted to take it up for me. Our tour guide is very smart as well and can answer any questions we have. I hope everything is great back home. Miss you all! Peace off bloggers – Rebecca

• Merhaba everyone! What a fantastic trip this has been so far, from the people, architecture, food and history there is just so much to experience. It still feels so surreal that we are actually here so far across the world! Just a few months ago we were learning about this wonderful country and seeing pictures of the sites in our geography class, and yesterday we got to see and experience them first hand. If you ever get the opportunity to come here, I highly recommend it as pictures don’t do it justice. This is a country full of contrasts, and the people are so friendly! Even though they can be a bit pushy in their “selling techniques”, I’ve never felt unsafe or out of place. I can hardly wait to see what the remainder of the trip has to offer! –Jennifer Laye

• Merhaba, Turkey has been so much fun with all my classmates. I am having so much fun see the rich culture and see the people speaking their own langrage. I love drinking the special drink “Apple Tea”. The tea taste like hot apple cider. This is a great experience to see and as a group is lots of fun. – Phillip Guest
• Merhaba! What stands out the most on this trip is the friendliness of the locals. Don’t be afraid to have tea with the shop owners even if you cannot afford that rug! Just sitting and socializing with them was a unique experience on its own. We will never forget the people we have met on the journey and now have a lot of funny and interesting stories to tell for years to come. –Kathleen and Alyssa

• Friendly faces, smiles, flirtatious men, great food, incredible scenery, history going back to 11,000BC and did I mention men who flirt a lot? Carla

• Beautiful scenery; beautiful people; beautiful mosques and tiles and beautiful men. What else can I say? Great place so far and more of everything to come. Sue :)

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Oh my gosh I wish I were sitting right there amongst you all. Aren't bus rides fabulous? They allow you to stare out the window and reflect on all you are experiencing. It's the best education ever...take it all in - love it all.
Mary Ann

by Mary Ann

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